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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a process. Working together is success."
- Henry Ford


Our leaders, who not only "know" the way, but also "show" us how to "go" on it.

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Co-founder & CEO

Hailing from a village himself, Dinesh has a deep understanding of India’s villages, the lifestyle and the behaviour patterns of the villagers, and the state of mechanized farming in India. His idea - connecting India’s villages through social networking - germinated during his CFA days. It evolved from his long-nurtured desire to contribute to the development of India’s villages. Read More

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Co-founder & CFO

BR, as he is fondly called, firsthand witnessed the bottlenecks of village administration while growing up. Rather than feeling bogged down by those problems, he sensed an opportunity to mobilize people’s participation and solve them. Taking a cue from BR, Knitter was conceived by merging ideas about people-led rural development and social networking. Read More

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Gopalakrishnan KL

Senior Manager- Technology

With years of relevant experience, Gopal provides the crucial touch of maturity that a startup requires. He is a thought leader when it comes to technology and is an expert in Web Development, Database, and Cloud. Read More

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Ashish Gupta

Technical Lead

Having founded a startup and managed the technology over there, Ashish has a keen product sense and understands the tech requirements of an early-stage startup. He stays abreast of technology trends and uses that knowledge to make decisions about Knitter's technology requirements. Read More

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Mamatha R

HR Manager

Mamatha is an amiable Human Resources professional, with years of experience in recruitment, talent management, and employee relations. Going beyond the obvious aspect of scouting resources for Knitter, she is also building Knitter’s best practices in employee engagement, diversity, benefits, and retention. These best practices will eventually create an inclusive culture and a rewarding work environment. Read More